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Gevalia Kaffe & Giveaway!

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Courtesy of MyBlogSpark & Kraft Foods, the makers of Gevalia Kaffe, I had the opportunity to try a new-to-me coffee brand that I’m head over heels for.  I can be somewhat of a coffee snob sometimes *cough, Starbies*, but I realized after trying this stuff out, those Swedish folks know good java.  With a promise of “rich, never bitter”, Gevalia offers a ton of different options to suit any palate.  From intense dark roasts to exotic varietals, Gevalia offers over 40 premium coffees. Carrying on the legacy of Gevalia founder Victor Theodor Engwall, our coffee buyers travel the globe in search of the best beans available. When they journey to the slopes of Mount Hualalai, Hawaii, you can be certain our buyers won’t settle for anything less than the perfect velvety-smooth, mildly acidic Kona bean. And when our buyers visit the Malabar Coast of India, we guarantee they won’t be coming home until they’ve purchased the finest crop of full-bodied Indian Malabar tempered with slight accents of honey and clove flavoring.

All that effort comes together with every cup of Gevalia that you brew. From the alluring aroma that greets your nose as you open the package to each cup’s full-bodied flavor, we’re confident you’ll agree that Gevalia is a genuine premium coffee lover’s delight.

  • Gevalia Traditional Roast (ground and whole bean):
    Gevalia Traditional Roast provides a perfectly balanced taste every time. Our most beloved blend – made of choice, mountain-grown Arabica beans – this coffee has a distinctive body and flavor with a lighter intensity. (Medium Roast).
  • Gevalia House Blend:
    A Gevalia favorite, House Blend is a robust yet never bitter coffee. This roast has a captivating aroma that is only matched by its exceptional flavor. (Medium/Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia House Blend Decaf :
    Delivering the same rich, never bitter flavor, House Blend Decaf has the same robust taste without all the caffeine. (Medium/Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia French Roast (ground and whole bean):
    Gevalia French Roast is a coffee of impressive richness and dimension, expertly crafted from prized Arabica beans grown in Colombia and Brazil. Hints of aromatic smoke give this dark-roasted French Roast blend an intense, yet uniquely satisfying flavor. (Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia Colombia:
    Grown high in the Colombian Andes, these beans produce a rich, bright and well-bodied Colombian coffee. This single origin classic is world-renowned, which is why we have sourced these beans for decades. (Medium Roast).
  • Gevalia Espresso Roast:
    Gevalia Espresso Roast is made of premium, mountain-grown Arabica beans from East Africa and Central and South America. This roast is bold and full-bodied with a hint of caramel undertones. (Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia Vanilla:
    This rich blend with vanilla flavor notes is crafted from choice mountain-grown Arabica beans, then roasted for exceptional body and flavor. Gevalia Vanilla is a flavorful and balanced experience with a heavenly aroma.
  • Gevalia Chocolate Mocha:
    Gevalia Chocolate Mocha allows you to indulge your passion for decadent flavor. Rich, velvety chocolate flavor is blended with mountain-grown Arabica beans for a sweetly satisfying experience.

This coffee is delicious, and I cannot wait for warmer weather, so I can keep a pitcher of it iced and in the fridge! YUM. 

MyBlogspark & Kraft Foods have also generously provided a giveaway for a lucky reader to win the same package that they sent me for the review!
You can win yourself a jumbo coffee mug, complete with Gevalia logo, and two bags of their rich, smooth coffee (one house blend & one french roast).

To enter:

1- Visit Gevalia’s Facebook page & “like” it.  Leave a comment letting me know you have.

2- Visit the Gevalia homepage and leave a comment letting me know which variety is most appealing to you.

3-Leave a comment telling me where your favorite coffee spot is!


Pretzel Crisp Additions!

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Lately, I cannot get enough salt!  I don’t know what’s up with me, because I’m infamous for having an insatiable sweet tooth, but recently, the saltier, the better!  One snack that has been a saving grace for me, has been Pretzel Crisps!  Which, you can find a $1 off coupon for here.

A big thanks to the company & Jessica for sending me some of their newest flavors to try! Along with the originals, there are three newborns in the family (:  Each of these, like the others, has about 110 calories per serving and range from 1-2g of fat.

Jalapeño Jack

These guys are the perfect accompanyment for salsa, black bean dip, & guacamole.  It’s got a bit of heat added to the crunch with Spicy jalapeño combined with smooth jack cheese flavor sprinkled right on top of each crisp!  Any spicy food lovers out there will adore this flavor.  It reminded me of Mexican food!  In fact, they would be delicious crumbled over a “mexican themed” salad instead of croutons…I can see it now…shredded lettuce, warm seasoned black beans, chopped onion, pico de gallo, pretzel crisps, and topped off with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream!  Mmm. 

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Seasoning (Salt, Whey, Buttermilk [Cream], Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Monterey Jack Cheese Powder [Cultured Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Enzyme], Jalapeño Powder, Spices, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Parsley, Lactic Acid, Disodium Inosinate & Guanylate, and less than 2% Silicon Dioxide Added to prevent Caking), Soybean Oil, Sugar, Salt, Malt Syrup.

Buffalo Wing, ladies (and gentleman?) was my personal favorite.

UGH.  So yummy.  I can’t tell you the last time I ate hot wings, or that I’m really a huge fan, but I can tell you, that these will knock your socks off.  They’re not burn-your-mouth-off hot.  They’ve got a kick, though, and taste amazing with Laughing Cow Cheese Light Blue Cheese wedges!  Try it!  Another winner as a topper for this flavor, was plain greek yogurt mixed with a Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet…hellooooo, creamy (HEALTHY) Ranch dip.

Annnnd, we’ve got baby #3 in the Pretzle Crisp household, Chipotle Cheddar.

It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what these reminded me of…I want to say, the SPICY version of cheetos?  The best part is, none of these pretzels really NEED a pairing.  They’re delicious all on their own, but it’s fun to mix & match pretzels and toppings.  I made little sandwiches with turkey lunch meat using this version…It was like the cheese slice was built right into the bun! 😉


Thanks again, Jessica!  Make sure all of you snackers out there take advantage of the $1.00 off coupon I mentioned earlier!  The Pretzel Crisp Facebook page always has perks 😉


Naked Hands.

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First off, thank you all for the incredible amount of congratulations on Jarid & my engagement! 🙂

We are eccstatic and cannot wait to start the rest of our lives together.  For now, my hands are feeling naked, though.

Not only have I neglected to paint my nails for the past week, but I had to send my ring back to be resized. It was a 7 and I need a 5, unfortunately.  Hopefully, I’ll have it back before I know it!

In other news, we are proud to announce that we have officially named Bowman as our ring bearer.  Check out those baby blues!  They get me everytime.  His Momma, Bran, and my childhood BFF (cousin) & matron of honor, has already been a great deal of help with wedding planning.  We are totally going to pump this event out in six months.

I got an awesome email the other day from Kashi, and I really wanted to share it.

I love it when companies make it SO easy to help out people in need.  Seriously, please go “like” their page.  Starving kids will be benefitting from something SO simple that you can do in less than 30 seconds.

Speaking of starving…you’d think I was when I downed this plate of salad topped with roasted vegetables.

Butterleaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red peppers, roasted kale, roasted parsnips, with light ragu for dippage.

I offered some to my fiance, but he was busy with his noodles & grilled cheese, courtesy of Momma FF.

To play a little catch up, I’ll show you these beautiful flowers that Jarid sent to my workplace for Valentine’s Day. 

He ALSO gave me a Freckled Foodie customized apron, a memory book that he made, & energy truffles! 🙂  That guy is amazing, I’ll tell ya.

For HIS Valentine’s gift, I made him a scrapbook, too, and had ordered him a pair of awesome looking Sperry’s that he picked out while we were shopping together one time.

Mens Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Casual Shoe - Black


along with baking him this No Sugar Added Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix, which Sans Sucre sent me for review.  For the record, when it was done baking, I totally sampled it…DELICIOUS! (Official review coming soon!)

The directions say that you need water & oil, but I subbed 2 tbsp. of canned pumpkin for the oil and added red food dye to turn it a nice hot pink color…much more festive.

I wish I had taken a picture, but I actually baked it in cake form and then used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make individual little cakes 🙂  They were pretty cute if I say so myself.

Oh yeah, and he LOVES Nebraska (college football), so I snagged him this tee from American Eagle online.

Valentine’s Day was on a Tuesday, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating…after my basketball practice from 3:30-5:30pm, he met me at school (I used the locker room showers – yuck!), we went to the Pita Pit, got dinner for $7 (it was $3 pita Tuesday!), and he took me to see The Vow.


I have wanted to see it since the first time I saw a preview.  Nicholas Sparks is a genius, amen?  I think I almost cried approximately 5 different times throughout the movie.  LOVE Rachel McAdams.


There’s another NS movie in the works that we saw a preview for, too, which I’m excited about called “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron, who is also growing on me as an actor.

Anywho, how was your Valentine’s Day?


Shape Your Life with Champion Shapewear!

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I’ve realized that no matter HOW much I workout, or HOW fit I feel, I’m never going to be 100% satisfied with my body…I think we’ve all got insecurities, and we’re constantly trying to improve.  Granted, I consider myself a very healthy, active person, and I like to feel confident while I’m working out especially…did you know that 20% of people won’t even go to the gym because they’re too self-consciousBut where in the world are you supposed to start?  Not many people can afford to have the type of equipment and space in their home to workout…let alone be motivated enough to workout in the comfort of their own place.

Allow me to introduce you to the best thing you gym fearing peeps can put on your Christmas list… Champion Shapewear.

Stephanie from the company kindly sent me a few of the products to try out…and I am absolutely in LOVE with them.  I recommend them to anyone and everyone & have had SEVERAL people ask me where I found such cute, stylish workout gear while I was at the gym! 

Champion takes into account any and every worry and problem area that a woman could possibly have about their bodies.  Hips, tummys, etc.

My favorite & Jarid’s favorite 😉 product were the Champion SHAPE™ Women’s Smoothing Pants

These babies will make your butt look awesome…just ask my boyfriend 🙂 

  • Inner power-mesh panels streamline your hips, thighs, and tummy.
  • Silky Double Dry™ fabric wicks sweat, keeps you cool and dry.
  • Extra knit-in stretch gives you flexible ease of movement.
  • Tag-free contoured waist provides easy, comfortable fit. (Has hidden inner pocket for keys and coins.)
  • 31.5-inch inseam, with non-chafe contoured seams and flattering, slightly flared legs.

They are INCREDIBLY comfortable and I LOVE the material – it’s breathable, yet thick and warm for outdoor runs in the cold! 

I also received the Champion SHAPE™ Women’s Smoothing Long Top with Inner Sports Bra:

Be smooth. Be cool. Be confident. Wear this Champion SHAPE™ long top to look fabulous at the gym.
  • Inner power-mesh panels shape and smoothtorso and tummy…yet never restrict your freedom.
  • Silky Double Dry™ fabric wicks sweat, keeps you cool and dry.
  • Extra knit-in stretch allows flexible ease of movement.
  • Stretchy inner bra provides Medium Support.
  • Contoured non-chafe seams flatter your feminine curves.
  • Tag free for chafe-free comfort, with stay-put racer-back straps

I am NOT the girl who wears skimpy clothing to the gym.  I hate when girls come in with their midriffs out and cleavage showing…SO unwanted.  But this tank has full-coverage and really flatters any figure.  It amazes me that it can suck anything in, yet it doesn’t make you feel stuffed into it.  I have no idea how they do it.  The bra provided the perfect amount of support, too.  It didn’t smoosh the girls, but it kept them in line 😉

Next up: Champion Double Dry® Seamless Reversible Sports Bra

Change it up! This versatile sports bra reverses in seconds to give you a fresh new look. It’s like getting two sports bras in one — with double the ”bounce control.” (And, since both sides are seam-free and tag-free, you get double the comfort, too.)
  • Ultra-soft two-ply fabric stretches for sleek compression…wicks moisture for constant cool.
  • Main side has knit-in textural accents, designed to flatter your figure.
  • Reverse (contrasting) side provides knit-in strategic support.
  • Wide knit-in comfort band stays put without digging or rolling.
  • Supportive racer-back styling.

I will never buy another brand of sports bra again.  Champion, you’ve won my heart…in fact, my sisters keep stealing my sports bras, forcing me to go to Target in order to pick up more of your brand 😉

Lastly, we’ve got the Champion Double Dry® Compression Vented Sports Bra

At last…a compression sports bra that gives comfortable High Support plus flatters your figure, too.

  • Sleek Double Dry™ fabric wicks sweat, keeps you cool and dry.
  • Extra stretch helps minimize bounce, even during high-motion sports.
  • Contoured front seaming plays up your feminine curves.
  • Supportive mesh lining adds cooling ventilation.
  • Mesh-covered keyhole back adds extra cool where it counts.
  • Covered elastic bottom band adds non-chafe support and comfort.
  • Tag free for chafe-free softness, with stay-put racer-back straps

 Again, Champion…I know you’ve done your research…you must have had a panel of frustrated women who knew exactly what we are ALL looking for when it comes to shopping for workout gear.  This line of  shape wear is absolutely ingenius.

The best part?  They GUARANTEE you’ll like what you get…or your money back!

You’ve got nothing to lose, literally.  Not to mention, the company is having TONS of great sales for the holiday season!  Check out the website!

Thanks again, so much Steph!  I’m a believer 😉

Enjoy Life Foods Not Nuts! Seed & Fruit Mixes

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Yet another exciting product from Enjoy Life Foods has been generously sent to me for review!  With the amount of people growing allergic to all types of nuts everyday, it’s always great to have more snacking options with ingredients that are free of nuts.  What I love most about the company is that they use absolutely NOTHING artificial.

Trail mix, one of the BEST snacks in the world and pretty nutritious, too, is known for tasty chocolate morsels, nuts, and fruit…it is the perfectly sweet/salty matchup with a crunch factor that many people LOVE. 

Mountain Mambo NOT NUTS Seed & Fruit Mix from Enjoy Life Foods contains a delectable blend of sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips, and cranberries.  I can tell you from experience, you won’t even miss the peanuts 😉  Crunch on a handful for yourself and you’ll see just what I mean.  This stuff is AWESOME blended into cookie batter before baking, too!  The sunflower seeds add a dose of healthy fats, the raisins will plump in the oven, and the chocolate chips will melt in your mouth.

NOT NUTS!  Beach Bash Seed & Fruit Mix is equally delicious, but replaces chocolate chips with dried pineapple & apricots.  With ten less calories per serving being almost the only nutritional difference, both of these mixes can easily be incorporated into your healthy lifestyle. 

They are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and will keep you full due to the healthy fats, which slow down digestion…not to mention the 2g of fiber & 4-5g of protein in each.  I made myself little yogurt parfaits with this mix, because fruit & yogurt just go together…try this for an awesome breakfast idea:

1 layer of vanilla Chobani
-1 layer of Beach Bash Seed & Fruit Mix
-1 layer of crumbled Enjoy Life Soft Baked Happy Apple cookies
-Repeat x2
-top with 1 tbsp. sunflower butter

Thanks again so much, Alina!


May Cookie Co.!

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If your family is anything like mine, with the holiday season just around the corner, also comes cookie season [yes, I made it up]!  Healthy living is all about balance…am I going to make a meal out of a box of cookies?  No.  Will I indulge in a wholesome cookie made from all-natural and possibly dairy/egg-free ingredients?  Absolutely.  With that, I proudly present, May Cookie Co.

May Cookie Company Logo

May Cookie Co. was founded by a phenomonal Mother-Daughter pair who share a passion for good food, good health, and good people. 

Mother, Susan (L) & daughter, Marissa (R)

Thanks to Renee and the company, I got to try out all three of their delicious varieties!

Jarid LOVED the Oatmeal Cranberry.  He’s not a fan of chocolate, so I made him the “breakfast cookie”…you know you’ve got a good product when they’re boyfriend approved 😉

They with fantastic, easy-to-follow directions and the ingredients were in seperate little packets, clearly labeled,  with each mix.  The only thing you needed to add were the wet ingredients!


The mixes are very versatile and can be adapted to fit almost any recipe!  With this mix, I’d imagine mix ins such as walnuts, peanut butter chips, and coconut

Before you start drooling all over your keyboards, may I suggest checking out the product locator to see where you can get your very own mixes?  They’ll give you the homemade taste without much effort or time at all.  Perfect for baking with kids!  I know one of my favorite memories as a kid was baking holiday cookies with my Momma & Grandma!

Thanks again, May Cookie Co!

Healthy Chips? True Story.

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Chips have never been my thing.  Even before I started focusing on a healthy lifestyle, chips weren’t one of those “gotta have” foods for me.  I was much more of a sweets kinda gal…chocolate being my biggest demise.  What are the odds that I’d be MORE turned on to chips as I claim to lead a balanced, nutrition fanatic life?

The thing is, Beanitos aren’t your average chip.  In fact, they are probably one of the most unique snack foods I’ve reviewed on the blog, thanks to the company & Lexie for getting some samples sent my way!

Not only are their chips amazing, but they stand for REAL FOOD…and are all about us having the right to know what’s actually in the food we’re buying.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Food Inc. you can totally appreciate this little tid bit.

How awesome is it that they contain absolutely NO corn.  Try to find another chip that doesn’t.  I’ll bet it takes quite awhile.  Almost EVERYTHING consumers purchase at the grocery store has some form of corn product in it.  Better yet?  These chips are MUCH higher in protein & fiber that your typical junk food snack.

Don’t take my word for it, the numbers happen to speak for themselves!  It’s crazy to think that you’d have to eat FIVE servings of Fritos, Pringles, or Popchips to get the same amount of fiber as you’d get in one serving of Beanitos.

Beanitos come in four flavors, Black Bean, Chipotle BBQ (my fave!), Pinto & Flax, and Cheddar Cheese (2nd fave!).  Each 1.25 ounce serving runs from 175-187 calories, 8-10g total fat, 0.75-1g saturated, 6g fiber, & 6g protein.

The best part about them, is that you don’t have to sacrifice any taste whatsoever.  The BBQ ones are a touch of sweet and absolutely delicious and the Cheddar Cheese ones are fabulously nutty and the cheese is lick-your-lips good.  The plain Pinto Bean & Black Bean with Seasalt could use a little fancying up, but they’re terrific with salsa, guacamole, or hummus as dippers!

I am officially a chip aficionado 😉



There’s A Dr. In The Kitchen

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Brought to you from Alison Levitt, the Dr. In The Kitchen, who originally created these crunchy snacks for herself, I bring you Flackers!

Flackers are a product unlike any I’ve seen before.  Rather than your typical, hydrogenated, preservative-laden crackers found in the snack aisle at the grocery store, Flackers can be a HUGE attribute to your healthy diet.

There is absolutely no flour of any kind, no leavening, and no chemical preservatives.  The ingredients are simple (see below) and pack a huge nutritional punch – EFAs, fiber, and protein.

Here’s a better breakdown of what makes flax seeds so incredibly wonderful for our bodies:

“Flax seeds are naturally high in alpha linolenic acid, a heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid. They are packed with fiber, which helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels and promote optimal digestion. They are a rich source of plant lignans – a type of naturally occurring phytonutrient. Also, these powerhouse seeds are gluten free, so they are great for people with gluten sensitivities and/or celiac’s disease. In addition, they are filled with antioxidants, protein and many vitamins and minerals. These delicious flax seed crackers are gluten free, they do not contain any yeast, or rice and they are also sugar-free!”

Flackers come in three different varieties

DillOrganic Dill + Red Chili Peppers

SavoryOrganic Garlic, Onion, Chili Pepper + Basil

Rosemary – Organic Rosemary + Sage

My favorite way to eat these babies is with either a wedge of light cheese (Babybel, Laughing Cow, or Sonoma Jacks) or slathered in hummus!   They also make a great addition to salads if you crumble them up, in place of croutons.  I’ve even tried them smashed overtop of savory oats with an egg and some Light Ragu sauce!

Thanks so much to Donn for sending some my way for this review!  The company has also offered up a giveaway for you all!

For your chance to win three boxes (one of each flavor):

  1.  Visit the Dr’s blog, and leave a comment there letting her know you’re from the Freckled Foodie and you saw this review.  For another entry
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me which variety sounds most appealing to you, and finally, for a third entry,
  3. “Like” the Flackers facebook page!

Sweet & Salty Zone Perfect Bars

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It takes a special kind of bar to make me feel like I’m not missing out on a meal.  There are certain specifications that I always look for.  Being all-natural, containing lots of protein, sustainable carbs, and healthy fats is essential when I’m scouring the shelves for nutritious bars.  Thanks to Zone Perfect, I got to try two new bars, the Sweet & Salty varieties.

They come in two varieties, Cashew Pretzel & Trail Mix.  I simply couldn’t turn down the appealing, salty & sweet combo from the company when I received the email to try them out!  Besides, I knew I was in for a treat if they were anything like the Cookie Dough bars I tried before 😉

Before I agree to review products, I always check out the nutrition stats and ingredients list to make sure they fit my criteria.  They had a great protein to carb ratio, with a healthy balance of fats and a decent amount of sugar.  The calorie content was in range, too.

All of the ingredients were recognizable (although I’m not a huge fan of corn syrups), yet the list was a bit lengthy for my taste. Either way, I firmly believe that balance is key when choosing a healthy lifestyle, and these bars, boasting 10g of soy protein, would be much better for me (and taste just as yummy) as a candy bar. 

Another excellent attribute? Check out the vitamin & mineral count19 vitamins and minerals including antioxidants like Vitamins C & E, and Selenium

Taste-wise, the Cashew Pretzel was probably my favorite.  It was an awesome blend cashews and sweet yogurt bits coupled with the crispy delight of salty pretzels culminating in a satisfying crunch. The trail mix bar was good too, but I’ve had other versions similar to it.  Chewy goodness of raisins and toasted oats with the deliciousness of walnuts, roasted cashews, peanuts, almonds and the smooth sweetness of peanut butter.

Make sure you check out the Facebook page for some awesome opportunities to try out their bars!

Thanks so much, Erin & Zone Perfect for letting me try them out!

Girard’s Epicurean Expert

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Some people [I won’t mention any names] in my family are veggie haters (GASP).  Roasted, raw, salads, or otherwise, it takes a special kind of flavoring or cooking method to convince them that vegetables are edible.  Usually, this means when we have salad at our house, a delicious dressing is mandatory.

Being the “Epicurean Expert” of the family, I suggested they try out these gorgeously bottled, golden-rimmed, gourmet dressings by Girard’s, which I received to try out on the blog.  It was a great reminder to them, that although my tons of foodie products take up some room in the kitchen and the fridge, and we’re pretty much bff’s with the Fed Ex guy, blogging does have its perks.

Girard’s was even more generous with this package, sending along a recipe holder, some salad utensils, and a cute little apron to keep the dressings company.  Thank you, so much!

This time, I tried out White Balsamic, Light Champagne, Old Venice Italian, and Greek Feta.  All of which were fabulous.  My favorite, the Light Champagne was pretty much chugged straight from the bottle poured on salads like it was going out of style.  Each variety has less sodium than before, and the White Balsamic Vinaigrette and Greek Feta Vinaigrette varieties contain no high fructose corn syrup.

You want more deets?

Greek Feta (100 calories/2 tbsp.) – This one was probably my favorite substitute as a marinade.  If you’ve ever had Gazebo Room dressing, it is similar to that!  I loved it on grilled chicken!

White Balsamic Vinaigrette (110 calories/2 tbsp.) – YOU MUST make this recipe. 

It screams FALL.  My vote is actually to replace the apples with pears.  This is a total crowd pleaser.

 Olde Venice Italian –  Another GREAT marinade…infact, the website agreed.  They’ve got a wonderful recipe for Brick Chicken out there, which makes sense.  This dressing also makes a fantastic pasta salad!

Light Champagne (60 calories/2 tbsp.)- With 65% less fat than regular Girard’s Champagne dressing, you won’t miss out on ANY flavor choosing this instead.  I really loved it on a bed of romaine with blueberries, mandarin oranges, almonds, and sprouts!

Want to try them for yourself?  As I mentioned, Girard’s is a very generous brand, and offered to give away the same set that I received to one of you guys!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling me which dressing you’d most like to try and what you’d make with it.
  2. Check out the Girard’s website and tell me about another dressing that sparked your interest, not mentioned in this post.
  3. Blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway and leave an additional comment for each.

Contest will close Wednesday next week and a random winner will be selected!