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Skin MD

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Taking care of your skin is something that far too many people overlook as part of a healthy lifestyle.  I for one never really thought about the fact that my skin is taking a beating everyday in the cold harsh weather conditions or the damaging effects of the sun and moisture-robbing irritants, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. 

Especially this time of year, my hands get crackly, dry, flaky, and painful due to the cold weather.  It’s like the skin on my hands is robbed of any moisture it once held in.  The skin gets very tight and leather feeling.  TOTALLY unappealing.  It feels like there is just nothing I can do to restore them, but just when I had given up hope, I received this tiny bottle of magical serum for my skin. 

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion.

In each bottle is a combination of 90% all natural ingredients backed by science to fulfill your dreams of maintaining moist, healthy skin even though the most brutal temperatures.  Not only does it hydrate skin (hands, body, & face), but it also protects or shields it from future harm.  It doesn’t allow the body’s moisture to leave or any irritants or toxins to get in!   Completely healing.

I loved that it absorbed so quickly as I was rubbing my hands together with absolutely no oily residue left behind.  How does it measure up?  Well, most lotions use gylcerin as a standard ingredient because no other humectant drew in as much moisture, but Skin MD has gone above and beyond, creating a moisturizer 6 times greater than that of glycerin. 

Because of my thyroid condition, my skin changes daily (from oily to dry), but this stuff just rolls with the punches and gives me exactly what I need!  It’s like it balances itself?!  It helps me maintain a healthy glow every day and I love that I don’t need a separate lotion for hands, body, and face!  This stuff works great hits on all three! 

Skin MD also makes a variety of the Shielding Lotion with SPF 15 included!  Check out the website to see where Skin MD is available in your area!  Thanks Amber for hooking me up with the most fabulous shielding lotion ever!