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Thirsty Thursday.

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So, to start off Thirsty Thursday, and no, I don’t mean I’m going out binge drinking tonight, I’ll announce a winner…as I sit here and chug my Pepsi Max, shamlessly.  See, I tried to give blood this morning, but after the woman dug around trying to tap into my vein for about 5 minutes, I called it quits.  My reward for the pain?  A zero calorie, artificially sweetened form of caffeine… 46mg per serving, to be exact.  Don’t worry, the rest of the day, I’ll be chugging water at my desk…you know, during the amount of time that I’m not spending running from work to class and back again around 11am.  Yipeeeee

Anyway, the winner of the It Works giveaway is Josie Chow!  Congratulations, Josie!  Please email me at to claim your prize as soon as possible.  I can’t wait for you to be a believer! 

Next?  A few random things that I’ve been up to the past few days. 

#1. The boy and I bought a Living Social coupon to try out some Latin food at Arepa City in Harrisburg.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t accept our voucher since we ordered it to go…

Jarid picked the Chicken Guisado Arepa slider – “slow cooked chicken breast in tomato sauce” and the Grilled Tenderloin Skewer, but I was a nice girlfriend and also shared the side of black beans that I ordered

to accompany my Ensalada de Palmito – “hearts of palm, avocado & tomato over spring mix with balsamic”.  The black beans were excellent, actually.  When we go back for our “sit in” meal to use up the voucher, I’m getting the SAME thing. 

#2.  I’ve got some new artwork from my little guy in Nicaragua to decorate my cubicle. 

I’m sure you guys know by now that I’m a huge advocate of Compassion International.  I wish I could show off Isaac’s progressing pictures over the years, but I don’t feel it’s right to violate his privacy that way.  He really is adorable and his letters just melt my heart.

#3. Winter break is officially over and Spring 2012 semester has begun.  our team’s first game in the 2nd half of our season, although it was a non-conference game, was a little rough. 

This team from Hagerstown, MD was pretty good, but we could’ve hung with them, had we been on our game.  The first round, we only lost by 6 points.  

Something I’ve found to help me maintain a high energy level throughout the 40 minutes of high intensity cardio of the game, are these FRS low calorie, peach-mango drinks.

Not only do they taste awesome, but they’re made of great ingredients, which is important in my book…for just 25 calories.

Ingredients:  Water, white grape juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, Inulin, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor, Quercetin, Ascorbic Acid, Gum Arabic, locust bean gum, Green Tea Extract, alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vit E), Sucralose, Caffeine, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Natural Lemon Flavor, Beta Carotene (for color), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (B2), B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Practices have been getting increasingly more intense, too, in order to prepare for games.  After all, you play the way you practice, right?    

Yep, it’s a little blurry, but this monitor definitely read 1015 calories burned in 1 hour and 58 minutes.

I’ve been getting some good workouts in at home, too.  Thankfully, the amazing Toshiba Thrive that Jarid got me for Christmas has been coming in handy when I need something to preoccupy me on the elliptical in the basement.

Bruce Almighty, anyone?  I ususally do Insane Abs DVD, bike on the stationary, and then elliptical for the lenghth of either a movie or one of my favorite TV shows (Extreme Makeover Home Edition, One Tree Hill, Biggest Loser).

Or until I feel like that 🙂

#4.  For my Grandma’s birthday, we got family pictures taken and framed.  I never realized that the photography studio at JCPenney, where my cousin works and got a great discount, was such a decent place for pictures.

Not too shabby, right? Jarid was a good sport, held my purse, and made goofy faces at me through the class to ensure a genuine smile 😉

 #5.  I think I’ll be ordering Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing from for the rest of my life…or until the grocery stores in my area start stocking it on shelves.

Speaking of groceries, though… 

Here’s a recent trip and all my findings:

Let’s see what we’ve got here: Sonoma Jacks Light Pepperjack cheese wedges, spaghetti squash, red, yellow, & orange bell peppers, parsnips, pre-cut summer squash & zucchini, frozen vegetables, fat free cottage cheese, unsweet almond milk, bananas, and canned beans

I think the majority of my money spent per month goes toward groceries…what better thing to spend money on than something healthy & nutritious, though, right?

Oh yeah…I mean, other than fun outings with this handsome guy.

He’s usually a total gentleman, though and insists on paying for everything.  Every now and then, I get sneaky and manage to pull out my wallet first 😉  I must say, though…I can always count on him to take good care of me.  This is honestly the happiest I have ever been…and it’s pretty apparent to everyone in my life.

Whether it’s taking over a random photobooth in the mall, going to Wegman’s for an after church lunch & shopping,

or simply a night cuddled up on the couch reading to each other from our daily devotional book.  I feel SO blessed to have him.


Right now, we’re reading, “Love is a verb” by: Gary Chapman.  It’s perfect for everyday, because it’s a series of short stories.  We typically each read one and call it quits for the night, since we’re so busy and want to soak up relaxation time on weeknights.  My cousin & her husband (another Jared), gave it to us for Christmas.

So, here are a few questions for Thursday:

1- What are some GREAT books on your t0-read list? 

2- What’s your favorite “date night” with your significant other?

3- Favorite salad dressing?

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go chug some H20 now…after all, it is Thirsty Thursday 😉




Thank God For Beautiful Weather.

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Here’s to new starts and the celebration of Spring!  With that, I give you the Verse of the Day:

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”- 1 John 1:9

This verse truly amazes me.  I can’t believe what a gracious God we serve.  No matter how many times I screw up, he is forgiving if I come to Him with a remorseful heart.  We can be “pure as snow” with just one confession to Him of our sins, because of His sacrifice on the cross.

Last night was totally EPIC.  When I got home from work, I fueled up with some carbs (a sweet potato & a Flat Out Light wrap with Sonoma Jack’s & Splenda) right before heading outside into the gorgeous sunshine that the Lord provided us with yesterday, for a 5 mile run.

I brought my camera so that I could bring you all with me on the journey.   I wanted to try out the “running photography”, Yes Man style 😉

Incase you can’t tell, I live in quite the rural area, to say the least.

But it makes for some stunning photographs, no? Check out how GREEN the grass is!

The easiest part of the run is down this huge hill!

The creek.

 This one is probably my FAVORITE picture, because I can see my shadow in the cement wall of the bridge! I was showing my Mom these photos and she said I looked like a dragon. Haha.

The hardest part of the run.

This sucker was long, slow and gradual.  I was so glad to get to the top!  Not to mention, it’s toward the very end of the 5 miles, so it kicks my butt everytime!

Okay, so I lied.  THIS is my favorite picture 🙂  And with that, I concluded my run.  When I reached my driveway, I moved my car so I could play a little basketball.  It was boring by myself, so I went inside to do some ab work before my sister and Mom got home from softball practice.  My Dad had ordered us Chinese.

Steamed shrimp and vegetables.

I got my usual, and when the rest of the family got home, we sat down to eat dinner together.

As you can see, I hated it:

After dinner, I went outside with my little sister and played some basketball!  Taking advantage of the fact that it was STILL light out at 7PM 🙂  I whooped her butt in “one bounce“.

We came back inside, I showered and relaxed the rest of the night.  I packed my lunch and then made us dessert

Lunch spread.

For lunch today, I packed a big tub of veggies (cucumber, carrots, & yellow pepper slices), some deli turkey that I abs. love, and a Light Flat Out with Sonoma Jacks to eat at my desk.

The star of lunch?

Columbus Herb Turkey Breast!

Review to come soon, so stay tuned!

I made Morgy a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake milkshake, and myself a Mint Chocolate Chip protein shake with some Optimum Nutrition protein powder!  I can’t wait to review the other flavors Tim sent me too!

Not very photogenic, but deeeelish.

Greek yogurt fans, be sure to check out Julie’s giveaway!

Happy Thursday, bloggies!

OH! And before I forget to mention this!  HUGE congrats to my girl, Lyndsie!  She applied for an internship in Uganda, Africa and just found out a few days ago that she GOT IT!!! WAY TO GO, BABE! 🙂

Time Flies

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“Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.”- Deuteronomy 7:9

I can’t believe the first week in March is already coming to an end…It’s like the older you get, the faster time goes…

I’m still not feeling too great, so last night in between biking sessions, I honored my cravings.



When I got home from work around 4:30PM, I had a bagel thin with banana peanut butter, a peach,  and a few baby carrots.  These things are awesome!  I just picked them up at the store yesterday on my lunch break at work and they definitely did not disappoint.  I knew they would be similar to sandwich thins, but they DID have a chewy bagel taste to them. SO yum.

Then I got on the stationary bike and set up a Facebook account for Freckled Foodie while I was biking.  I took a break around 5:45PM to chat with the family while they ate their lasagna dinner. 

I ate a Voskos yogurt at the table with a Diet Swiss Miss packet mixed in for some faux s’mores yogurt.  Woo hoo for 24g of protein!


When I finished, it was back to work on the stationary.  It’s actually quite convenient because I can catch up on all the TV and facebook that I don’t do during the day.  Two hours is all I need.  Plus I get some cardio in! Perfect.  Although, I AM really excited to start running outside again.  It’s getting warmer, folks! [knock on wood]

After a total of 600 calories burned, I was done.  I showered and made some veggie soup with the help of my steamfresh california blend (broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots), canned mushroom, minced onion, minced garlic, & water.  Deeelish.

Green sludge.

I packed my lunch for today and showered up.  Then, I made some dessert!  A protein cookie

Banana Nut BSN Lean protein powder + water.

After mixing the protein powder with some water until thick, I stir in my fiber one, mold into cookie form, and refrigerated for a lil bit until kind of firm like a cookie!  Best dessert EVER.  I’ve also been eating these for breakfast 🙂


What better to drink with a cookie than milk?!  Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze, of course!  (with a lil bitta Splenda).  I couldn’t help myself they were on sale when I stopped at the store! 

Yay for Thursday!  Make the most of this one.  Be sure to check out the awesome $40 giveaway for on Lisa’s blog!

Perfect Timing.

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Unfortunately, the title of this post is intended to be taken in the most sarcastic way  possible.  I’ve got a date Saturday night and am supposed to be going out with some friends tomorrow night, and wouldn’t you know it…I start breaking out like you wouldn’t believe.  UGH.  What that heck.  I feel like I’m growing three horns right now.  It makes me wish I could just hide away from the world until it’s all gone. 

Now that I’ve vented about my skin situation, here’s your verse of the day 🙂

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

Next up:  Recap from last night…So, I got home from work and started the typical routine…biking & facebooking…Then I had the brilliant idea to start watching “What Not To Wear” online!  I love that show, and watching the clips made time on the stationary bike completely fly by!


600 calories down, thanks to Stacy & Clinton!

After the first hour, I took a break to make this for refueling.

Sweet potato mash with sugar free syrup & cinnamon.


I love those microwavable sweet potatoes.  They come out perfect evertime and don’t cost as much (energy wise) to heat up the oven for baking one. 

When I was finished biking, I decided on a turkey wrap with veggies & salsa.

nom, nom.

After my shower, I was still craving veggies, so I made some veggie soup with the bella.

Step one: steam veggies (whole bag!) in the microwave & add salt, pepper, 1/2 mini can of sliced mushrooms, garlic salt, & minced onion.

Getting down to business.

Step 2:  Blend in bella until smooth (you can leave some veggie chunks if  you prefer!)

Bella, doing her thangg. 🙂

Step 3: Ignore the fact that it reminds you of baby poop, visually, and enjoy!

Almost done!

Mmmmm. This is definitely a comfort food for me. 

Dessert was a plain greek yogurt + diet hot chocolate + fiber one.  AKA, a S’MORE in bowl form! I have a photo, but for some reason I can’t get it to upload correctly.  It’ll be edited to add later, I promise 😉

After dinner, I packed my lunch to avoid cleaning up two messes.  Today I’ll be enjoying some buffalo chicken salad (1/2 can white meat chicken + 1/3 C. ff cottage cheese + Texas Pete hot sauce + 1/2 tsp. ranch seasoning)

Not the most appealing at a glance, but boy is it tasty!

This stuff is AWESOME, btw.

Texas Pete.

I also packed a light 100 calorie english muffin to spread the buffalo chicken salad onto and a big container of veggies, too!

Orange pepper, sugar snap peas, broccoli & carrots (on the bottom).

After all that was finished, I sat down to watch 300 with my Dad until it was time to pass out!

Hope you all had a fun night and a great Thursday!


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G’morning Sunshines.



Daily Verse:

“Even in my suffering I was comforted because your promise gave me life.” ~Psalms 119:50

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to stand not having my own car.  Unfortunately, I thought that I added a rental car to my insurance coverage the last time I was rear ended on my way home from work and my car was undrivable, but it didn’t get added.  Not only is it inconvenient for me, but my poor parents have to take me to work and pick me up, so it’s not fun for them either. 

After arriving home, I changed clothes, chomped on a Jonagold and hit the stationary:



After watching 3/4 of Twilight on the bike and burning about 550 calories, I decided to shower up and make some dinner.  The family was having burgers and fries at home, but I was hungry for something Mexican.

Dinner last night was comprised of these ingredients (Can you guess what I made??):


Comfort food

Yep, you’ve got it!  Bean burritos, baby.  Not sure why but this meal really appealed to me as a comfort food. Ha.

Then the little sis and I hit up the grocery store to satisfy my Clear Splash addiction & grab some Diet Green Tea.

Again, Giant was out of my favorite flavor, Key Lime.  I had to settle for Tangerine Lime instead. 

Grrr.  Typical.

At least they had Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea.  Who else votes that this brand is King!?


My favorites are the Diet Mojito and Diet Green Tea with Mango!  They’re musts.  I’m a little sad that they discontinued the Chai Tea.  It had zero calories and an AWESOME flavor.

When we got home, I made dessert:

Chocolate Malt Protein Shake


For lunch today I packed some broccoli slaw and meatless meatballs in Dei Fratelli marinara sauce

Vegetarian, gluten-free spaghetti, anyone?

And what better way to start off my day than with another Pina Colada? Thank youuu, boyfriend.Mmm.

Pina Colada.

And that is what I’ll leave you with for now.

Don’t worry, guys it’s almost Friday! Oh!  And be sure to check out this awesome Bakeware giveaway at Mary’s Food Fit & Fun website