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Wedding Progress.

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Lately, life has consisted of a few categorically different things.

Saturday morning, my brain was feasting on knowledge regarding the study of human disesases caused by bacterias & viruses.

Tuberculosis & leprosy were two that we studied during the last lab.  I’m finding Microbiology to be totally interesting…The problem is, each exam tests us on a HUGE amount of information!  I don’t think it’s physically possible to jam four chapters of the stuff into my brain at once.

After my brain was exhausted from my 8am-1pm class, we went WEDDING dress shopping.

Regardless of what I’ve been told about dress shopping, planning, and all that comes with the goodness of weddings, the process has not been nearly as stressful as it has been fun.

Granted, I probably have the most amazing group of girls in my bridal party…all cousins except one…

Wanna meet ’em?  Well, above you’ve got my cousins, Brooke & Brandi (my matron of honor).  They’re sisters, and since I was old enough to walk, Brandi & I were inseperable.  Maybe you remember my mentioning her a few times in the past? 🙂

Then, there’s my cousin Allison, who couldn’t join us for shopping, since she was away at college…

and Abbie, who couldn’t attend the shopping outting either, but sent me a very sweet text message the morning of, letting me know she was thinking of me 🙂

Then, of course both my younger sisters Myranda & Morgan will be in the wedding.

And last, but certainly not least, my lovely friend from high school & “little sister” from my h.s. basketball team, Lyndsie.  She frequently comments on the blog and I love her dearly 😉

The day was filled with excitement and although David’s Bridal, where we had an appointment after my Saturday class, was absolutely packed full of girls trying on prom & bridal gowns, we made the most of our experience.

I not only have picked out my bridesmaids dresses, but I found my dream dress *teaser above*, which I knew was the one, almost immediately.

After the shopping, we headed to Atlanta Bread Company for a nice little lunch together.

 So far, here’s what all I’ve got taken care of… the DJ, the church, the reception, the catering, the pastor, the cake baker, the florist, & the photographer.

As far as invitations & save the dates, I’m not sure where to go?  Any suggestions from experienced brides out there?  I’m thinking possibly Costco?  Here’s a little creation that I’ve thrown together on their site…the prices are VERY reasonable if you ask me!


Much love to you all!  I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of commenting over the next few days…life as I know it revolves around my 8-4 job, my college courseload, and my amazing fiance who deals with the chaos on a daily basis ❤


2012 Starts With A Bang

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Before the New Year’s Eve festivities began, I figured I’d get up a little early in order to burn some calories and jump start my day.  I don’t feel awake until I’ve sweat a little bit 😉

Nothing is quite comparable to a basketball practice, because my heart rate gets higher during those than anything else…it’s much more intense than a jog on the treadmill or an interval workout on the elliptical…on the other hand, basketball practices are much tougher on my knees and back than being on the elliptical, too.

After breakfast and a shower, fixed my nails, & got my dress clothes packed up.  Jarid & I hit the road for a wedding in Bethlehem, PA around 10am.  A buddy of his from college, in the military, had to leave for California on January 2nd, and proposed to his girlfriend just two weeks before, asking her to move there with him.  How romantic is that?!  I can’t believe how amazing the wedding was for having planned it in that short amount of time.

The wedding and the reception were held at Blue, which is also a restaurant.  The banquet hall was absolutely beautiful, complete with chandeliers, antique gold trim, and a nice, little, wooden dance floor.

Jarid and I were seated at a couple’s table with the best man and his fiance, who were both exceptionally personable and sweet.  We had a great time socializing at the event and even shared our first dance.

I promised Momma FF I would be home for the NYE celebration with the family, and we ended up making it home by like 7pm. 

Almost immediately, we got changed into comfy clothing.

It’s tradition that just before midnight, everyone gathers in our living room, grabs some already blown up ballons, noisemakers, and confetti poppers, and counts down while watching the ball drop in Time Square on TV. 

We all yell, “ten, nine, eight, seven…” (you get the picture).  You can bet your bottom dollar there was a big kiss at midnight, too 😉

As you can imagine, it left a huge mess for cleaning up, but it was totally worth it to keep tradition. 

At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.  After midnight, the boys go out side & shoot their guns.  We used to have fireworks, but that was before they were illegal.  Soon everyone leaves, and we go to bed.  Within a few hours (aka, noon NYD), everyone is back for pork & saurkraut , or in my case, a big old vegetable roast.

I couldn’t think of a better meal to start the New Year than my favorites: roasted butternut squash and parsnip fries.  I could eat them every single day with either reduced sugar ketchup or light ragu.  Don’t worry, I had a little bit of the white meat pork, some roasted broccoli, too. 

After lunch, the kids have Christmas #2, when my Aunt and Grandma give their gifts to the kids.

As you may remember, there are a TON of kids in our family…it’s always fun to watch them light up as they open gifts. 

2011 had been the best year of my life…but 2012 is looking pretty promising, too.


See anything different about my left hand?

Yep!  I’m engaged!!

Just kidding.

It is a beautiful promise ring, though!

Gotcha! 😉

Here’s to an amazing year!


Wedding Season.

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Friday night, I worked out before Jarid got off work, and then we headed out for a date night at the movies.

At church the previous Sunday, the pastor mentioned how great the newest movie by the creators of Fireproof was.  It’s called “Courageous” and is about a group of guys making a committment to stand up for being stronger men of God in their families.

I was really impressed with the storyline…not so much with the acting.  We had a wonderful time, and I was beat by the time we got home.  I knew I wanted to get up for a workout, so I went to bed pretty directly. 


The next day after a nice Insane Abs & elliptical session (of course, it didn’t actually last 16 hours, I just forgot to hit the “stop” button, so time continued), I showered, packed up, and met Jarid to leave town for the weekend!  A friend of his from college was getting married, so we were going on a road trip to Bloomsburg.

Central PA is actually pretty beautiful. 

We stopped for fuel <–body, not car.

Sheetz: shredded romaine, pickles, banana peppers, tomato, onion.

I had already eaten a Doctor’s Carbrite protein bar which was pretty fab.

Toasted Coconut…YUM.

We were meeting up with his friends from school at the hotel.

Hotels near Bloomsburg University

It was a really nice stay and our room was beautiful.

The reception didn’t start until 8pm, so beforehand, we all went out to the boys’ favorite spot to get a bite to eat…Applebee’s.


I wasn’t that hungry, but knew I should eat something so I chose the Paradise Grilled Chicken salad.  I googled the menu item since I didn’t take a shot of it while we were there.  I was enjoying myself and forgot about food photography for the night. 

We got dressed up and had a nice little pre-reception photoshoot.

Most handsome guy in the world ❤  I love him so much.

The reception, we found out, was in a tent which meant I froze my butt off most of the night…barely 50 degree weather + a strapless dress = one chilly chica. I’ll be honest, though, the night was such a blast, I wouldn’t have  changed a thing.

It was a awesome meeting all of his college buddies and busting moves with him on the dance floor.  He brings out a goofy side of me that I really like (:

Thank GOD there was also an outdoor fireplace at the venue…it was not only beautiful, it was useful!

The next morning, I planned on getting up and hitting the hotel’s gym, but I slept in since we were out late and wanted a nice, relaxing morning for the boy and I…besides, there’s something to be said for “rest days”, right?

After three cups of coffee, a pear, some cereal, and a muscle milk later,  Jarid wanted to show me all around Bloomsburg’s campus and check out all the new additions made to it.  We were also eating lunch with his friends before we left.

The weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time ❤  Hope all of yours were just as wonderful!