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Don’t weekends always seem as though they pass in the blink of an eye?  I feel like it was just a few minutes ago that I was patiently waiting for the clock to strike 4:00PM so I could get out of this place for the weekend…Here I am again…Just another Monday morning…One that I’m thankful for, none-the-less! 

I learned this weekend that my phone’s camera takes better photos than my point and shoot.  Go figure.

To prove my theory, here are some shots from my Saturday.

2 tbsp. peanut flour + walden farms calorie free chocolate syrup dripped on 1 gala apple sliced

Yes, I finally ordered some peanut flour….yes, it ended up costing me $11 including shipping for just one bag Yes, it has been totally worth it.

This combo was FAN-freaking-TASTIC.

Another thing I love about weekends?  The AMPLE time in the morning to workout with NO pressure to be anywhere or DO anything else. 

I literally slept in until about 9AM and then worked out with breaks in between until about noon.

And my favorite meal this weekend?

 Raw kale salad with freshly sliced heirloom tomatoes, cucumber,

and avocado dressed in a Nevella + apple cider vinegar dressing with a

light Thomas ww muffin on the side topped in vanilla Chobani mixed with canned pumpkin & sugar free syrup.

Other exciting events?

  • An outdoor movie at the little seesters’ college campus on Friday night
  • A cousin’s birthday party on Saturday evening
  • Church with the boy Sunday morning

Lots of time for cleaning & regrouping which is a nice change to the hectic workweek.  To make things even better, I came back to the blogworld and found Amanda who is having an awesome beauty giveaway! OH! And Chelsey is giving away some fabulous fall flavored larabars!

What was the hilight of YOUR weekend?




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  1. Aw so glad you had a great weekend!! I cant bring myself to spend that much on peanut flour! haha. It sounds great tho! holy cow! did you work out for 3 hours? Girlfriend- thats a TON!

    • thanks girl! you too!! i know…i didn’t realize it would be that much with shipping…UGH. but its soooo gooddd!! andddddd the workout wasn’t actually that long. i was watching episodes online while running in place carrying weights after i did insanity’s cardio abs 🙂 hehe. annnnd it wasn’t non stop there were bathroom & drink breaks 😀 it was actually fuN! hehe.

  2. I love how relaxed I can be with my workouts on the weekend. It’s so nice to be able to workout on my own time. 🙂
    Glad it was such a great weekend!

  3. we have the same polar watch! love it!


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