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Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

Back to School, Back to School…

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(Title sung to the Billy Madison Song)

Verse of the Day:

“As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.”

– Psalm 18:30

Speaking of perfect & flawless…. 🙂  Breakfast was pretty delish.

1 Apple Crumb Vitatop + heaping 1/2 C. ff cottage cheese & peach slices on their last leg.

Incase you haven’t noticed, I’ve been laying off of the protein powders.  I’ve decided that I’m going to try to limit myself to one or two servings per week.

  I’ll probably save my “treat” days for protein ice cream!  Which reminds me…I’ve GOT to try Katie’s 3 ingredient coffee ice cream.  I may just make a pit stop on my way home from work today to pick up some Almond Breeze 😉

Anywayyyy, it was an exciting day!  I would be going straight from work to the gym on campus where I’m taking my first college class since 2007.  I realized I wouldn’t have time to run home between working out & class at 6PM, so I packed both my lunch & my dinner.

Steamed snow peas, sliced red & orange pepper, a small chicken breast slice topped with hummustard and a scant 1/4 C. Stephie’s bean dip, + a La Tortilla factory wrap to be spread with Sonoma Jack’s & splenda come lunchtime.

The day flew by since there was a lot to catch up on since the long weekend for the 4th of July and before I knew it, I was leaving work to go to campus.  I needed my student ID to get into the gym, so  that took a good 40 minutes.  I was changed & had my snack at about 5:00PM.

1 Low fat string cheese + 3/4 bottle Mix 1 tangerine.

Sorry for the glare, by the time I took this I was ready for bed!

The gym at campus is not quite what I remembered.  It was pretty lame, actually.  There were two ellipticals, both of which were being hogged the whole time I was there, two ancient treadmills that didn’t even keep time/distance, let alone heart rate, and one machine that I ventured onto as a last resort.  It was called the Cross Ramp.  Anyone know what I’m talking about?  It looks little bit like this.


I actually REALLY liked this machine!  It kept my heart rate (averaged 157), calories burned (317), strides, and time.  I loved that I could change the resistance and adjust the range of motion to specifically work certain muscles (hamstrings, glutes, calves).  It ended up being a great workout!  Not as long as I would’ve liked, but since I got a late start due to the student ID issuing, I was pretty happy.  I also did some ab work. 

The fitness center there also has a pool!  I’m considering trying out some cardio in the water, but I’m not sure where to start.  Any suggestions on pool workouts?

Veggie salad with cukes, tomato, broccoli, pepper, & carrots with homemade honey mustard on the side.  Oikos plain greek yogurt with Fiber Select for crunch & fresh melon on the side.

I was hungry after my workout, but only managed to get the fruit down before class.  I didn’t have time to eat and didn’t want to be late, making a bad impression on my first day!  I munched on the veggies on my way home & devoured the greek yogurt mess when I got home.  Alot of the things we did in class were “refreshers” for me.  I remembered a lot of what I had already learned and am excited to keep truckin’.


After showering, I packed lunch, did some homework (that felt SO weird to say), and crunched on some Honey Nut Cheerios for a snack.  I also ate some sliced tomato with salt & pepper sprinkled on…oh yeah, and some more watermelon & sliced yellow pepper.   None of which were photographed.  Myyyyybad.